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Without exception, every day can be filled with some sort of accomplishment. I like to live my art. The people I sculpt come from daily experiences and insights which come to me. I believe in the power of spontaneity, the creation of movement, and the active captivation of a viewer’s imagination.

I was blessed to work directly with economist Milton Friedman 

Bronze Bust of Milton Friedman


History is rich with records of past civilizations…. rulers, wars, loves, disasters… life captured in various forms for us to bear witness.

Born in a small farming community in Northern Minnesota, Ms. Veblen lived her early childhood close to the land and surrounded with the practical and wholesome qualities of rural American life. Those years were lived in a constant state of flux, traveling between a quiet atmasphere and the upbeat pace of California for many years in succession. This circumstance gavbe her perspective and citizenship in a greater world than many of us experience. Extensive travel in Europe, living in New York, Australia and now in Northern California provided additional experience that has made it possible for this artist to achieve the variety, depth and understanding of the arts she now pursues.

Ms. Veblen’s awareness of the vital role of art… to communicate… was born out of a personal need to be in touch with her fellowman and realize a common bond. She is aided by an eye attentive to detail that will not distract from her purposes. Sensitive care for craftsmanship and form guarantees the shared hands-on delight of sliding one’s fingers over the smooth, flowing lines and textures.

Bonnie feels a personal responsibility to encourage contribution to our cultural hertage through the use of one’s talents and other resources to leave behind a message for our own children as well as our children’s children. With bronze as her medium she can provide enduring expressions of this era, and with her creative gift manages to impart a warmth and vitalit to the cold metal. The result is the truly classic quality of her subjects.

People respond positively when they encounter Ms. Veblen’s work or meet this outgoing sculptor. She is keenly award that a meaningful life is the result of continued growth, and engages constantly in the encouragement of others to explore their natural creativity. For Bonnie, a moment of glory comes with each shred of knowledge!

With her expansive visionary capabilities, this competent artist has already become one of the truly noteworthy contributors to the arts in her day.

ARTIST AND PATRON: A Unique Relationship

ARTIST AND PATRON: A Unique Relationship

Remember: Without patronage, the artist starves, and without the arts, the soul of society suffers. As for myself, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who have trusted my talents.

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