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Throughout my life, I have found expression in many ways, as have we all. Poetry is in all of us. Sometimes, the poetry inside of us just comes trickling out. Join me in celebrating, with words, the events of our lives…

by Catherine of Midgard [p_101]

In times of pressing need
It’s difficult for me
To have my friends so far away
Unreachable and out of touch;
But when it happens again
And most certainly it will
It’s a chance to learn once more
What I learned before:
That God is near
And the very most dear
Truest friend I have.

by Catherine of Midgard[p_102]

I meet you and you meet me
Where the land meets the sea.
At the razor’s edge of mystery…

In the ebb and flow of ecstasy…

Where the land meets the sea
I meet you and you meet me.

by Catherine of Midgard[p_103]

The longest walk is from here to beyond
the hardest mile the last
so many questions
remain unanswered
for none who have gone before us
ever revisit their past.

Surely we would control destiny
if only we could
we’d have no need
for hope or faith
I think, for good reason, it is said:
Love is the greatest good.

by Bonnie Catherine Veblen [p_104]

The less expectations one has,
the less disappointment one suffers…
for disappointment is
the direct result of expectations,
and peace of mind
the direct result of taking responsibility
for one’s choices.

by Catherine of Midgard [p_105]

I am…
the past I have seen,
the present I live,
the future I envision.





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